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HMT Course

Hunar Ki Udaan

100% Free of Cost Job Guaranteed Hotel Management Course from Barbeque Nation in Collaboration with Maskin Academy
We have come up with a unique initiative “Hunar Ki Uddan” where students will get the opportunity to make their career successful with their ‘Hunar’ (Talent). In this initiative, every 10th pass students who had attained the age of 18 years can take up the Certification Course where they have to undergo a 45 days of training class after its successful completion, they will get a 6 months guaranteed internships with Barbeque Nation at different locations in India. During six months of internship, each candidate will be paid Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only) as monthly stipend with meal and accommodation. After successful completion of the certification course, students will get job guaranteed with ‘Barbeque Nation’ at the end.

Hunnar Ki Udaan is an initiative where students get opportunity to make their career successful on the basis of their Hunar (Talent). This initiative is brought by Maskin Academy and Barbeque Nation.

Maskin Academy and Barbeque Nation provides a golden opportunity to 10th Pass students who have attain an age of 18 years to build up their career more strong and do something better in their life. This is a Certification Course of Hotel Management in which students have to attend a 45 days class and after successful completion students will also get 6 months guaranteed internship in Barbeque Nation.

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