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Welcome to Maskin Academy

Maskin Academy (A Unit of Maskin Web Solutions India Pvt Ltd) is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. It is an career oriented education centre that provides various kinds of training courses for vocational and skill development courses. Under the supervision of expert faculties, students not only learn the best skills, but also feel confident about their job placements.

Maskin Academy functions as an institution to transform education and to enhance ability of students to think intensively and critically.

Experience at Maskin Academy


Various Course Offered

Maskin Academy provides various types of vocational and skill development courses in various fields of education.


Excellence Knowledge

We provides state of art technical & infrastructural knowledge and motivate students to realize their hidden potential.


Experienced Professionals

Students get the benefit of web based learning resourses and assistance from qualified skilled teachers to help them out.


Promotional Programs

Welfare programs and promotional campaigns designed to protect the students from facing the unemployment state in their life.

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Vocational Education

The Need of Vocational Education in India

Vocational Education is based on occupation and employment and it is the need of the hour for every country to have strong vocational education system. It can be defined as skilled based education. Vocational Education helps in Economic growth. The Indian education system recognizes the role of education and particularly Vocational Education. The Central and State Governments of India were making considerable efforts to enhance skills of the youth, but there is huge gap between demand and supply of the skilled workforce.

Dearth of formal vocational education, lack of vide variation quality, high school dropout rates, inadequate skill training capacity, negative perception towards skilling, and lack of industry ready skills even in processional courses are the major cause of poor skill levels of India’s workforce. Vocational education consists basically of practical courses through which one gains skills and experience directly linked to a career in future. It helps students to be skilled and in turn, offers better employment opportunities.

Vocational, or skills-based, education is becoming more and more important today, with many employers expecting new employees to have all the practical skills they need to start work and also for those who have to support their families immediately after senior secondary education. Vocational courses are typically more practical and skills-based than academic degrees, but they are often taught at universities as well as colleges and technical institutes. Vocational Education and Training (VET) is an important element of the nation’s education initiative.

Why Enroll Vocational Education?

Vocational Education is the need of the hour of every country. It can also be defined as a skill based education. Vocational courses are typically more practical and skills-based than academic degrees, but they are often taught at universities as well as colleges and technical institutes.

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Practical knowledge enrichment

The course mainly includes Internships and real practices with industrial application that helps the students enhance their practical knowledge.

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Wide Options

After attaining a degree one can get placed in various industries like Lab Attendant, Accountant, Nurse, Banker, Front Office Manager etc.

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Good Package

After completing the course, one become technically sound and expertise in their field, hence a good package is expected from the job.

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